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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Plastic Surgery Finance Options

Plastic Surgery and Credit Cards - Finance Options

There is a great difference in financing a car or a home and plastic surgery. Financing plastic surgery constitutes an unsecured loan where bank does not have any collateral to possess in the event of default in payment. Credit cards are also finance options for plastic surgery. That’s why banks are careful in giving loans against plastic surgery. Before giving plastic surgery loan they consider your credit history, such as late payment, defaults in payments, your bill payment history and the tenure you have had credit accounts etc.

Before undertaking plastic surgery it is important that you should consider all costs.  For example the surgeon’s fee during the year 2006 averaged around $175 for microdermabrasion and $4,800 for a face lift. Besides surgeon’s fee you need to pay the operating room cost, anesthesia, expenses of operation room facilities and device fee if surgery involves some sorts of implants.

There are some companies that offer finance options for plastic surgery based on your credit score alone.  If your credit score ranges from 365 to 870, you will be able to get finance easily.  Loans ranging from $2000 to $20000 are offered by many surgery financing companies for plastic surgery depending on your credit history. If you are asking for smaller loan you will most likely get it easily.
In order to allow patients to finance health care costs, credit card is issued by a company named CareCredit. This includes the cost of elective plastic surgery. The company has a network of more than 100,000 doctors in the US.

When you have credit card, you can work out a payment plan in consultation with your doctor. Credit card of CareCredit is only for the purpose of payment of medical services and possibly you may be able to get finance without interest in many cases.

If you are disciplined in setting aside some money regularly, you can finance the plastic surgery yourself. But since all are not so patient or disciplined in saving, they have to seek plastic surgery finance options and credit cards are designed for this purpose.

Various guaranteed plastic surgery financing options are offered by health care credit companies. There is Capital One Healthcare Finance that provides flexible finance in the range of $1500 to $25000 at low interest rates for plastic surgery through Capital One plan.

The other finance option for plastic surgery includes “Surgery Financing” where you can get a loan from $1000 to $25000 as fixed term loans with an interest ranging from 4.9% to 17.9%. There are many Credit Card companies that offer various plastic surgery loans to people needing to finance their procedure.  Although this is a less ideal choice but Credit Card finance option is being utilized quite extensively.  It may be kept in mind while utilizing the options of credit cards for financing the plastic surgery that the payment plans under this system is quite difficult and credit card companies are not very friendly lending companies.  When in need and have no other finance option, credit card finance is also an option to consider. Besides credit card companies, there are many online lending companies that gladly lend a few thousand dollars to anyone seeking finance options for undergoing a plastic surgery.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

SEO Spam: Open Letter to SEO spammers!

Dear SEO Spammer,

Thank you for your incessant emails about helping to rank my site higher on the search engines. I get plenty of emails every day from every SEO Tom, Dick & Harry to rank my site higher in the search engines.

I clearly do not want your spammy services.

Please consider the following points before trying to pitch your unsolicited services to me!

1. You probably found this blog as it is ranked high on the search engines.

2. You probably do not have enough work, otherwise you would not have free time to submit your unsolicited services.

3. You probably are not a good SEO, if you cannot make out the above.

4. If you are "leading SEO company and are located in USA", then why the hell are you looking for work in India?

5. Does SEO guide lines also suggest -> that you have to spam the hell out of your potential clients, so that they get so frustrated as to write an open letter to all SEO's? and consequently, never, ever take up on your offer?

6. Finally, why ask me for my website's url, if you have already studied it in detail and are offering me your services!


here is an example of some of the emails which I get on a daily basis

Your Name: Joey Jacobs

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I hope this "Open Letter" will deter you from submitting your spammy SEO services!

Thank you for your understanding!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

London Dentist's: Tips on Brushing Teeth Properly

 London Dentists

The most charming and probably disarming part of your body is a flash of pearly white teeth while you break out in a smile. If we find a person attractive, it generally is an attribute inclusive of his healthy teeth. Therefore, the upkeep of God’s gift to your mouth is very essential. This can easily be achieved by regularly brushing your teeth the right way instead of frequent visit to your dentist. A few tips here will go a long way in creating an aura of confidence around you.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day to keep tooth decay, plaque and tartar away. All day long we munch on the foodstuff, chew gum, drink sweet beverages and take a helping of a candy or two. The result is attracting bacteria that have a gala time gnawing at the food particles that stick to the gums and teeth despite you having rinsed your mouth thoroughly. Tooth brushing, to be effective, needs to be carried out in an appropriate way:

1. Smear your toothbrush with a pea sized amount of toothpaste that contains fluoride.

2. Grip the brush firmly and holding it at right angles to your teeth, move it in circular motion, being careful not to press too hard and injure the gums.

3. Clean the back of teeth because the bacteria may be in hiding there! You may need to pull your gums slightly so that you can reach every corner of the mouth.

4. Spit out the frothy toothpaste and you are done. Store away the toothbrush after carefully washing it.

5. Many dentists advocate the use of mouthwash. Mouthwash is a good way to get rid of all the residual germs and can help with halitosis or bad breath.

Bask in the glory of having a bewitching smile – lifelong.  If you need any further to look your very best in Central London, don’t forget to visit London Dental Blog.

This is a guest post by Mel from, London Dental Information Blog.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Consumption of alcohol is a common and socially accepted phenomenon. Many people drink alcohol for the purpose of socializing or enjoyment. But when drinking alcohol leads to trouble in job, health or relationships, it is diagnosed as alcohol abuse. Detection of alcohol abuse is possible if one observes the following signs and symptoms:

Physical Signs-
Red-eyes and slurred speech: A person who is abusing alcohol will have bloodshot eyes even during work hours or early morning and his speech will be slurred heavily.
Lack of hygiene: The person suffering with alcohol abuse will be presenting poor hygiene habits and mostly looks unkempt.
Sudden weight gain/loss: Drastic gain or loss in weight in a short period is a major sign of alcohol abuse.
Lowered immunity levels: Alcohol abusers tend to fall sick more often than non-abusers of alcohol.
Change in sleeping pattern: A person suffering from alcohol abuse may be following an irregular sleeping pattern which may vary from sleeping for too many hours to sleeping too little leading to insomnia.

Behavioral Signs:

Mood Swings: A person suffering from alcohol abuse may be undergoing variations in mood ranging from throwing temper tantrums to display of verbal as well as physical aggression under the influence of alcohol.
Lack of interest in enjoyable activities: An alcohol abuser is likely to suffer from depression and may exhibit a lack of interest in pleasurable activities enjoyed previously.
Negligence of duties at home and work area: A person who is drinking and displaying laxity in performing tasks at home or office is decidedly suffering from alcohol abuse. For example- Neglecting ones children, not able to meet deadlines at work due to hang-over, performing poorly in exams and dropping out of college are a few symptoms of alcohol abuse.
Irresponsible social behavior: Drinking and driving rashly on the road endangering other people’s lives, picking up physical fights in an inebriated condition and combining drugs with alcohol tantamount to alcohol abuse problem.
Persistent drinking: Alcohol abusers continue to drink even when their drinking problem adversely affects their relationships at home especially with their spouse and children. Most of the times persistent drinking problems lead to domestic violence and end with divorce.
Irritability: A person shows irritable behavior in the form of aggressive arguments; temper tantrums and restlessness when he/she is not drinking. This is undoubtedly a sign of abuse.
Hiding the drinking habit: An alcohol abuser tends to disguise his/her drinking habit from his/her family members and colleagues. The person may even go to the extent of buying liquor from different sellers in order to camouflage ones addiction to alcohol.
Lack of self-control: A person abusing alcohol generally starts drinking for relaxation or for social obligations but he/she is unable to stop drinking once started. It generally results in the drunken person passing out and his/her inability to remember events later on.

What is a Gastric Band

Gastric Band

Obesity is a major concern, with more and more becoming obese and yet no alarm is raised about this situation. Obesity has no cure till date. People opt many ways to control or lose their weight. One of the effective ways available today is the gastric surgery but that only helps to control the amount of food intake. The other more powerful alternative available is the gastric band as it restricts food intake.
The gastric band can be inserted with the help of laparoscopic surgery and readily available in the market throughout US and Europe. The gastric band helps to reduce weight and sustain the continued weight loss. The gastric band was introduced in the market way back in the year 1983. Since then it gained immense popularity worldwide and many people were benefited par expectation.

 After the placement of the gastric band it makes the band holder feel full stomached after taking a small meal thus helping to reduce the body weight quickly. Along with the use of the gastric band it is advisable to follow the guidelines for proper nutrition and regular exercise routines for getting better results. The gastric band is like other bands, it is put across the stomach with the help of surgery thus dividing the stomach into two parts. When we eat the food it goes to the upper portion of the stomach and as it gets filled up, we get the sensation of having a full stomach. One of the great benefits available with the use of gastric band is that, it is adjustable and can be adjusted according to the needs. It is better to avoid intake of liquid along solid food as it accelerates the food absorption process. After the installation of the gastric band it is necessary to visit your surgeon regularly for necessary adjustments if any to be done for the gastric band.   

It is better to get counseling from a nutrition specialist before getting your gastric band to ensure you take required nutrients like proteins and vitamins. You can control the process of the weight loss through proper adjustment of the gastric band.  This band is made of silicone materials and therefore our body readily accepts it. This band has a structure like cycle tubing at the inner part of it and to adjust it saline water is administered by the surgeon and after the desired level of size is attained it is left for future adjustments. The major disadvantage with the use of this process is that, this band is not adjustable on your own and every adjustment should be done only by a qualified surgeon. But as far as the end results are concerned, it is unmatched and can easily outclass any available contemporary procedure.          

dangers of Alcohol Abuse

Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse is a malaise that is prevalent across all sections of the society. It is different from alcohol dependence as the person suffering from alcohol abuse is not totally relying on alcohol. This does not undermine the dangers of alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse can lead to a series of complications in the life of a person. It is a deceptive condition in which a person remains under the impression that he/she is not alcohol dependent and can counter the harmful effects of alcohol abuse effectively if the need arises. Nevertheless, this is not true. A person suffering from this affliction is seldom able to escape the dangers of alcohol abuse.

Some of the dangers of alcohol abuse are as follows-

Alcoholism: A person suffering from alcohol abuse runs a major risk of developing the problem of alcohol dependence or alcoholism. There is a thin line that separates the two conditions. Alcoholism is a higher degree of alcohol abuse, which can easily happen because a person suffering from alcohol abuse is likely to have work-related and family problems due to his/her drinking habit.  This is one of the major dangers of alcohol abuse.

Adverse effect on work and relationships: Since the person suffering from alcohol abuse is not able to devote his/her time and attention to work and family,  he/she is likely to be neglecting the work and personal relationship including his/her children. Other adverse effects include reporting late for work, inability to meet deadlines, etc. Inability to sustain family and work relationships may lead to unemployment and divorce, which may further become reasons for the patient to continue his/her habit or dependence on alcohol. 

Adverse effect on the Liver: A person suffering from alcohol abuse is susceptible to liver damage and is likely to suffer from liver cirrhosis and hepatitis, which may prove to be fatal. 

Cardio problem: Long term abuse of alcohol leads to increase in heart rate and high blood pressure problem which in turn may cause cardiac arrest and heart failure.

Respiratory problem: Long term abuse of alcohol may lead to Tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is an affliction of the lungs which makes breathing difficult and may even lead to lung failure.

Neurological complications: Unchecked alcohol abuse can lead to serious neurological problems. Dangers of alcohol abuse include loss of vision, short term amnesia and blackouts after bouts of drinking.

Other Physiological problems: Constant alcohol abuse leads to inflammation of the lining of the stomach and damage to pancreas and cause diabetes related problems.  The person abusing alcohol may gain a lot of excessive weight due to too much drinking.

Effect on Unborn child: Alcohol abuse during pregnancy may cause serious birth defects in the unborn child including the child’s mental growth.

Cancer: Alcohol abuse carried on over for long term can be the reason for developing cancer of the mouth, throat, liver and breast.

UK Alcohol Abuse Clinics Challenges

Alcohol Abuse Centers/Clinics in UK

In UK it is a challenging task to provide treatment for people suffering from alcohol abuse as a large percentage of them are jobless, have no homes, poor and live in areas where alcohol abuse may be reinforced. So making them undergo rehabilitation programs and sustaining their progress on the road to recovery proves to be a crucial and challenging process.

There are a plethora of Alcohol Abuse Rehab Clinics in UK in the public as well as private sectors. These Alcohol Abuse Rehab Clinics run Residential Treatment Programs. These programs are meant for people with alcohol abuse problems who want to overcome their addiction for the purpose of living a better, healthy and productive lifestyle.

People opting for residential treatment programs are required to be clean from alcohol when checking in for these programs. These programs generally range from a period of 3 to 6 months but some 12 step programs generally stretch up to one year.

In the Rehab Clinics, residential treatment programs may be categorized in four categories broadly-

Therapeutic communities: In this program the person with alcohol abuse problem is made to undergo intense and rigorous therapy sessions in a hierarchical manner.
Minnesota Model: In this program the problem of alcohol abuse is considered a disease and treated accordingly with stress on spiritual guidance. It aims at providing a long term cure from alcohol abuse.
Christian Alcohol Treatment Centers: These centers are basically run by Christian staff and admit only those who are Christians.
General House Programs: These programs are based on individual therapy as well as group therapy.

However it is interesting to note that Christian Alcohol Treatment Centers in UK are available all over the globe under various names like- Life Matters, Essence Treatment Centre etc.  It basically works on the premise that rehabilitation from alcohol abuse is a comprehensive program. The treatment varies from individual counseling and therapy, group therapy, 12 step programs etc. depending on the recommendations of the medical expert.

However these programs aim at empowering the person from within so that he grows spiritually which forms the essence of his recovery. The teachings of Christ and the importance of a Christ Centered life are emphasized in these programs. They seek to find a long term solution to the problem of alcohol abuse. 

In these programs a lot of emphasis is given on providing the support of family members and friends to the person undergoing the treatment. Their families are consulted and counseled before and during the course of treatment. This is done to aid the patient during recovery as well as provide a better environment at home when they check out of the program. Besides, after the program they are involved in helping other people undergoing similar treatment to motivate and help them, thereby providing a positive reinforcement.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Laser Eye Surgery: F.A.Q's

 When it comes to laser eye surgery people have all sorts of strange preconceptions about the procedure and the majority of them are completely untrue. People hear stories from lots of different sources including word of mouth and information on the web. Many of the things that people hear or read they just assume to be true without checking out the accuracy of the information.

As an optometrist I am asked lots of questions about laser eye surgery and what exactly the procedure entails.

Below is a list of the most common asked questions/concerns my patients seem to have about the surgery:

* Question:- Is laser eye surgery dangerous? –

* Answer:- There is an element of risk in all surgical procedures but laser eye surgery is extremely safe. The chances of actually going blind from laser are surgery is only about 1 in 5 million and most of the complications are minor and easily fixed by your surgeon.

* Question:- How long does the laser eye surgery procedure take?

* Answer:- There will normally be a preparation time of about 30 minutes where your surgeon will instil the appropriate eye drops and do the final few checks. The laser procedure itself will typically only take about 5 minutes per eye and the actual “lasering” (the procedure) of the eye normally lasts no more than 1 minute.

* Question:- Can I have laser eye surgery if I have a very high prescription?

* Answer:- As laser eye surgery has developed over the past 5 years or so, the treatable range of prescriptions has grown. Laser eye surgery can treat up to +5.00 long sighted prescriptions and up to -12.00 short sighted prescriptions. This will encompass approximately 95% of the population so very few people will be beyond the treatable range.

* Questions:- Will laser eye surgery hurt?

* Answer:- This is one of the most commonly asked questions as this is what most people worry about. The vast majority of people who have laser eye surgery report little or no discomfort at all. Most people describe a feeling of pressure on their eye during the procedure but that is about it. The only really part of the procedure that could be deemed uncomfortable is when your eye lids are held open with an instrument. This is generally only uncomfortable if you ‘fight’ against it. If you remain relaxed during the procedure you are unlikely to be in any discomfort at all.

* Question:- Do I need a general anaesthetic?

* Answer:- No you do not. Laser eye surgery is carried out using a local anaesthetic.

* Question:- Are there any needles involved in the procedure?

* Answer:- Absolutely not! This is possibly the biggest fear people have about the actual procedure and it is surprising how many people think a needle is used. Your eyes are numbed using (local anaesthetic) eye drops which at worst sting a little. The stinging sensation is like if you get a little bit of shampoo in your eye whilst showering and wears off after about 20 seconds.

* Question:- Can laser eye surgery be carried out on more than one occasion?

* Answer:- This is called a laser re-enhancement and approximately 7% of people who have the surgery will need it repeating. Your surgeon will need to ensure you have sufficient corneal thickness to safely repeat the procedure but most people will be suitable. The vast majority of people only need the treatment once.

* Question:- When can I return to work following laser eye surgery?

* Answer:- This will depend on which type of laser eye surgery you are having. There are 2 main types of laser eye surgery and they are Lasik and Lasek. Lasik is by far the most common type, accounting for about 80% of all procedures. Lasek pretty much accounts for the remaining 20%. Lasik is more popular as it has a quicker and more comfortable recovery period when compared with Lasek. Most people can drive and return to work within 48 hours of Lasik surgery. Some people are fine to work the next day! People having Lasek will however be in more discomfort following surgery and many people need up to 1 week off work. This varies from individual to individual and it does depend on what kind of work you do. If your job requires physical exertion and is in a dusty environment you are more likely to need a longer time off work. People generally only have Lasek if they are advised by their surgeon that they are unsuitable for Lasik eye surgery.

* Question:- What is the minimum age for laser eye surgery?

* Answer:- The minimum age for laser eye surgery is 18 years old but to be honest it is very rare that someone of this age has the procedure. The reason for this is that one of the most important factors in being suitable for the treatment is having a stable prescription. It is unlikely that an 18 year old will have a stable prescription as most people’s eyes don’t fully stabilise until they reach their mid twenties. The reason this is so important is because if you have laser eye surgery whilst your eyes are are still changing that you may end up need glasses a year or so after the surgery .

I hope this blog post has helped dispel a few myths about laser eye surgery and may inspire you to go ahead and have this life changing procedure. The technology behind the procedure has improved dramatically over the past 10 years and hundreds of thousands of people each year are successfully undergoing the treatment.

The vast majority of people are suitable for laser eye surgery and most people who have the procedure experience very little discomfort. The most important thing when it comes to laser eye surgery is choosing a surgeon whom you feel comfortable and relaxed with as they are the ones carrying out the procedure.
This guest blog post is by Timothy Harwood from

Tim is an Optometrist who has been practicing in the UK for over 7 years now. As a result of many of his patients complaining they found lots of the information about eye conditions and laser eye surgery confusing he decided along with his partner Dr Ganesh Rao (a medical doctor) to set up a website aimed at providing easy to understand information on eye health and laser eye surgery, hence treatmentsaver dot com was born.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to write a guest blog post on this blog.

Books on Laser Eye Surgery:-

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hearing Aids: How to Compare!

How to Compare Hearing Aids
With the so much variety of hearing aids available in the market, it is difficult to choose which one to buy.

When choosing any hearing aid, the deciding factor for most is the price, followed by the cosmetic appearance. Fashion conscious young women in particular go in for small hearing aids, as they are discrete and not so noticeable.

Best person to talk to about the hearing aids is the ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) doctor or an audiologist who will be able to guide you to what is best for your condition.

You might have seen many adverts in the newspapers or flyers that may have been dropped through your front door. The advertiser will claim to be the most effective hearing aid and all the rest are rubbish. They might cloak their fancy words in medical sounding terminology and make you part with thousands of pounds.

Here are some tips to when trying to compare hearing aids:-

• Good research prior to buying a hearing aid is essential. Try to read about the product before you buy one
• Read testimonials about the product use
• Search for testimonials on-line and off line. Use search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and search for the product name and its reviews or testimonials.
• Offline speak to other people who use hearing aids and listen to their views. Their experience may help make you make up your mind.
• Having researched the market, try to speak to your doctor or the hearing aid specialist, at your doctor’s surgery or clinic.

Many of us suffer from hearing loss and want discrete hearing aids and in that case, things are simple, you just have to choose the brand which suits you.

Most of the hearing loss happens in old age, called Presbycusis and at that age not
many are bothered with cosmetic side effects and as such if you live in UK and
are over 60 or on income support, you might be eligible for a free hearing aid. You
need to ask your doctor, if that is the case. For the rest of us, we need to do some
time consuming research!

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Disposable Hearing Aids: The Advatages

The Advantages of Disposable Hearing Aids

For those who suffer from hearing loss problem they can use disposable Hearing Aids. Read my tips on how to clean hearing aids, what are digital hearing aids and finally read about Cheap hearing Aids before you make up your mind.

Hearing aids help in improving the reception of auditory stimuli. Unlike traditional hearing aids, these disposable models are designed to adjust and compensate for all or a portion of the hearing impairment. In this way these hearing aids allow individuals to enjoy many of the sounds that others take for granted.

Advantages of Disposable Hearing Aids

* The disposable models are designed to adjust and compensate for all or a portion of the hearing impairment.

* The disposable hearing aids require less maintenance than more conventional models and therefore making the device more user friendly.

* These hearing aids are discarded after a period of time as they are disposable. This is an important difference between disposable hearing aids and the traditional models. There is battery that is built into the lightweight case and is used as backup in the disposable models. When this battery is exhausted then the whole unit is discarded and then it is replaced with a second disposable hearing aid.

* Disposable Hearing aids save time and problem of changing batteries.

* There is no bothersome cleaning and upkeep of the hearing aid. If it becomes spoilt, all you have to do is chuck them in the bin and put another one on.

Disposable hearing aids have several other advantages.

* Today the models available in the market are usually constructed by using ITC in the canal devices. Because of this these disposable hearing aids are almost invisible and the person wearing this hearing aid gets comfort in social settings.

* There are also some adjustable features, which mean the wearer can turn down the volume when necessary.

* Unlike traditional conventional models, the disposable units are often much lighter making them more comfortable to wear.

However, one important thing to consider is that these disposable hearing aids cannot be used at all times. For example if you are stepping into the shower or going for swimming then you cannot use this device.

If you do not remove the hearing aids in these situations then it will stop functioning in a very short period of time. Besides, these disposable hearing aids are not currently produced in a number of different sizes.

Therefore it is available only in the standard size which may or may not be a comfortable fit for everyone. The design of the disposable model is based on ITC style and therefore people who cannot have their ears blocked for any reason can’t make use of this type of hearing tool.

If you want to compensate some degree of hearing loss, then the best option is to consult your doctor or a healthcare professional who can tell you the severity of the loss. The professional diagnosis of your hearing loss problem will make it easier to talk with someone and provide timely and correct hearing aid information. After obtaining all the information from the healthcare professional, it will be easier for the patient to determine if disposable hearing aids are the best hearing aid option for their condition.

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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Cheap Hearing Aids: How to search for a Cheap Hearing Aid?

Cheap Hearing Aids

Today, the estimated number of people that have hearing loss problem and uses hearing aids is twenty-five million just in America. It is more often than not hearing loss is considered to be a result of the aging process. However, anybody can face the problem of hearing loss at any time. In fact, not so long ago, hearing aids such as those behind-the-ear and in-the-canal styles were simple and they had very little features and did little other than to amplify the sounds picked up by their in-built microphones. These are therefore not expensive. These were the cheap hearing aids, unlike digital hearing aids, which can be expensive. You can make your existing hearing aid go a long way, by regular cleaning. See tips for cleaning a hearing aid.

Therefore the price of traditional hearing aids was on the affordable side. However from those early days things now have changed and more complicated and stylish devices are manufactured like digital hearing aids. Because of this the price of hearing aids has become costly. If you want more customized and high performance digital hearing aids than it may cost thousands of dollars. It means now you have to spend more money in order to have more technically advanced hearing aids.

If you want cheap hearing aids and want to save on hearing aid prices, then the first thing you need to do is research and shop around your options. You have to make comparisons of various designs and models, and by also using your negotiation skills, you may be able to buy a cheap hearing aid. You can also get discount hearing aids from wholesale dealers as there are many wholesale dealers that sell hearing aids. If you are lucky and get the right source, you could even save money on the hearing aid by as much as seventy-five percent off the listed price.

Obviously the price of hearing aids differs depending on their make, and model as well as features included in the hearing aid. Therefore to get the cheaper one is not difficult as it costs approximately three hundred dollars. However, when buying cheap hearing aids, you should carefully check that these are sold under "buyer beware" conditions and thus you have to be extra careful before purchasing cheap hearing aids. The conclusion to get the cheap hearing aids is that you can save money on hearing aids by making comparisons and also matching the hearing aid to your needs. The best deal would be to look for wholesale dealers in hearing aids. One such good option in this regard is

You can also find cheap hearing aids on the net. There are many manufactures which offer big discounts on models they want to unload in order to prepare and upload an upcoming latest model. In addition, these older models are usually packed with features that will easily meet the needs of the user.

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How to Clean Hearing Aids?

How to Clean Hearing Aids

 If anyone has hearing loss problem, then hearing aids help them in performing their everyday functions normally.

Hearing aid is a small electronic device which is worn in or behind your ear. It amplifies the sound vibrations entering the ear which then makes the sound clear.  It is a great way for hearing more in both quiet and noisy situations.

But with this it is also important to maintain your digital hearing aid and keep them always clean. If you want hearing aids to be in top working form then the important thing is to do regular cleaning of your hearing aids and ear molds.

Tips for Cleaning Hearing Aids

* There should be no wax in and around the ear molds and tubing in order to ensure optimal hearing results. A simple hearing aid kit will help you to maintain your hearing aid and keep all the components in working condition. Here we will tell you how to clean your hearing aids and ear molds:

* The best time to clean your hearing aids is when you remove them in the night. At this time you can wipe them with the help of soft cloth or tissues.

Things required to Clean Hearing Aids

However, the major things that you require to clean hearing aids are

* hearing aid brush,
* wax pick and
* hearing aid tube blower.

You can purchase a wax pick and brush from your audiologist or hearing aid supplier. Sometimes these things are already included when you purchase your hearing aid.

For cleaning your hearing aid firstly you should remove the hearing aid from your ear. Now have a look at the ear mold to check for accumulated wax. If there is wax then remove it immediately with the help of wax pick. If you are not comfortable in clearing the wax by using a wax pick then it is also a good idea to use an old toothbrush. After cleaning the wax from the ear mold, clean the outside area of the hearing aid with a soft cloth. It is necessary to dry the ear mold thoroughly. If you think that there might be some water inside the ear mold then you should immediately blow at the end of the tube and thrown out the water.

Not only does the ear mold require cleaning but the battery part of the hearing aids also requires regular cleaning. Now remove the battery of the hearing aids and clean the component of the battery with the help of a brush. Brush gently while cleaning the battery component. Once all is done the parts of hearing aids can be attached again.

There are some special sprays also available in the market to disinfect the hearing aids but you should use these sprays only after the consultation with your physician. By taking some simple steps you can ensure proper caring of your hearing aids.

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What are Digital Hearing Aids?

Digital Hearing Aids

Nowadays digital hearing aids are more popular as advancement in place of analog hearing aids. They are taking the place of analog hearing aids with a rapid speed and now are considered as the future of hearing aid technology.  See the different kinds of hearing aids available in the market.
However if you are planning to purchase a digital hearing aid for you, then at the time of selection a number of considerations need to be put in mind.    

There are various styles of hearing aids in the marketplace. The difference in number of style varies according to the degree of hearing loss and the way they are placed in the ear. You should always consult with your audiologist or ENT Surgeon, who can tell you about the suitable style for your digital hearing aids.

One of the hearing aid style i.e. Complete in the ear hearing aid are very easy to fit deeply in the ear canal and are almost invisible to the others. Digital hearing aids make your hearing capability pretty pleasant and comfortable.    

If you want crisper and clear sound quality then digital hearing aids are great in comparison of analog hearing aids. The number of beneficial features such as multiple listening bands makes the digital hearing aids perfect. The multiple listening bands mean each band addresses a particular sound pitch for the listener. The apparatus associated with the device are helpful in achieving the improved sound intelligibility and highest comfort in noisy situations.

Why are Digital Hearing Aids are better than analog? 

The most obvious advantages of digital hearing aids are that it increases the quality of your hearing and you can hear very crisp and clear sound.

* Digital hearing aids include computer chips which are specifically programmed for providing more accurate sound and therefore improve your hearing loss. 

* It converts the sound into discreet units which is continually accustomed by the computer chips inside the digital hearing aids. In this way you get improved sound quality. The adjustment of each individual sound unit makes the digital hearing aids more popular. Your audiologist can specifically tune a digital hearing aid which match and work with your particular type and degree of hearing loss.

* They are custom-made and can be reprogrammed to put up changes in an individual's hearing.    

Nowadays more advanced technical enhancements are done in digital hearing aids.

* One of the most enhanced technical advancement is specialized voice detection. It means that the internal computer in the device enhances the sound of the oral voice while moderating the surrounding noise of music and traffic.

* Some digital hearing aid models also features directional microphones in order to deliver fine improvement of sounds and optimum change of the external noise for better reception. With digital hearing aids you can make your listening power more comfortable and more pleasurable.    

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Hearing Aids: Different Types of Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids: Different Types of Hearing Aids

In technical terms hearing aids are electro acoustic body worn equipment which is particularly worn in or behind the ear. The main objective of hearing aids is to amplify and modulate sound for the wearer. Earlier hearing aids were known as ear horn or ear trumpet. Its design was passive funnel like amplification cones which collect sound energy and direct it into the ear canal.

There are different styles of hearing aids available. All styles of hearing aids include the same parts that carry sound from the environment into your ear. The hearing aids styles differ in size and the way they are put into the ear. Usually if the size of the hearing aid is small then its battery life is short, it is less powerful and its cost will be high.

The number of common hearing aid styles is as follows:

* Completely in the Ear Canal

These hearing aids are a complete fit inside your ear canal to recover mild to moderate hearing loss in adults. It is almost invisible in the ear and it cannot pick up wind noise as the ear lobe defends the instrument. You can easily use it with telephone. Smaller batteries are used but the life of these batteries is not as long as larger batteries.

* Within The Ear Canal

This style of hearing aid is partially fits in the ear canal but not as deeply as complete in the ear canal variety. It is less noticeable in the ear and also easy to use with telephone. It is not suitable for smaller ears. This style is useful in improving mild to moderate hearing loss in adults.

* Half Shell Hearing Aid

There is one more version of in the canal hearing aid style which is known as half shell hearing aid. It is fitted into the lower portion of the bowl shaped area of your outer ear. It is good for those that have mild to moderate severe hearing loss problem. There are additional features available in this style like volume control and directional microphones. It uses large batteries which are long lasting.

* In the ear (full shell) Hearing Aid

The other style of hearing aid is in the ear or full shell style. It fills most of the bowl-shaped area of your outer ear. This style of hearing aid is good for those that have mild to severe hearing loss. It is visible to others and can pick up wind noise. The additional feature included is volume control that is easier to adjust. It also uses large batteries which have long life and are easier to maintain.

* Behind the ear Hearing Aid

  This variety is hooked over the top of your ear and the remaining part is placed behind the ear. The hearing aid picks up sound, amplifies it and carries the amplified sound to an ear mold that fits inside your ear canal. This style is good for almost all types of hearing loss and for people of all ages. This style is the most visible style of hearing aids.

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Single Trip Travel Insurance: What is it? & Who should buy it!

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Many of us like to select single trip travel insurance when they plan to go on holiday. Single trip insurance is a type of policy that covers a particular break for a set period of time. Here you will get to know the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of insurance, how much money you can save and how to get a cheap single trip travel insurance.

Who should buy Single Trip Travel Insurance?

This is a kind of insurance that provides you travel insurance protection for a single trip or holiday. In case, you are going to New Delhi, you can stay at the Top 5 New Delhi Hotels. India Travel can be a doddle, if you have the right person arranging your New Delhi Tours, Jaipur tours or tours to Taj Mahal. You can get this insurance for an individual, couple, family or also a group of people against their travel arrangements, possessions and problem with their health. The price of this policy differs depending on your destination, date of travel and the total number of people that you want to insure within this policy. Single trip travel insurance also covers the type of holiday you are going to enjoy. For example if someone goes on adventure destinations in India for water skiing or snowboarding then they need some specialist or additional features in the policy in order to get the protection they need. Many go for camel safari and book Jaisalmer hotels and others goto see the Taj Mahal.

The kind of single trip insurance policy that should be purchased also depends upon the age and medical history of the individual. For example if there are any pensioners or seniors with some pre existing medical conditions then it is necessary to look for specialist options in the policy because these conditions may not be covered by the regular single trip policy.

If you take a policy on a per trip basis then it is the most cost effective way to get the insurance. For example if you plan only one holiday a year, it is cheaper to get this policy. There is also facility of solely paying for the cover you need for the time that you need it. Some of the multi trip policies set a limit on the number of holidays that can be insured for a single holiday at a time. Thus for those who take longer breaks, they may find it easier to plan a single trip option.

Disadvantages of a Single Trip travel Insurance

However the disadvantages of single trip insurance is that it may not suit everyone. There are many people that take multiple holidays every year and thus they prefer an alternative solution like annual multi-trip policies. They find multi trip policies cheaper than single trip travel insurance as they plan to go on multiple holidays.It makes sense for them to buy  a multi-trip travel insurance.

Shop Around and Compare Costs

The best way to find the cheapest single trip travel insurance is to shop around and then compare costs. It is the easiest and quickest way to get the cheapest quote for single trip travel insurance. You can also do this easily online by using insurance comparison sites. These comparison sites have different policies and their costs differ as they get commisions from different companies, which they may pass onto you. Those who are looking for cheap single trip policy can find this helpful in saving some hard earned money.

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Top 5 Adventure Destinations in India

Top 5 Adventure Destinations in India

India has always been known to have immense diversity in its culture. Since primitive years the country has been more related to or referred to having a religious bent to it. The statement holds ground with various religious destinations and monuments which are virtually present in every major city of the country. Of late there has been a gradual shift in the way rest of the world has been seeing India. A lot of it has been because of propagation of the country as a major tourist destination with various interesting facets apart from religious tourism as well being present. The last decade or so has suddenly put India on the world map when it comes to adventure destinations in the world and with the diverse offerings that the country has; it rubs shoulders with some of the best countries in the world in the field of adventure destinations. Most of the adventure destinations are bookable via Delhi Hotels.

Top 5 adventure destinations in India are:

•    Ladakh: considered as a mountaineers paradise; Ladakh is full of hilly terrain with most of the mountains covered with snow through out the year. The exceptional rocks and their climbs make Ladakh an ideal destination for adventure sports lovers who are into trekking and mountaineering. The place offers excellent opportunity for adventure sports lovers who can explore the natural beauty of the place with their trekking trips.

•    Gulmarg: an ideal place for adventure sports lovers who love skiing and skating. The beautiful and picturesque mountains and hills apart from being a beautiful hill station are also home to numerous skiing and skating clubs. Known as the ‘THE’ place for winter sports; Gulmarg is one of the most preferred destinations for adventure sports lovers in the country. Apart from the various travelers who come in to Gulmarg from within the country; it is also a favorite destination for several foreign nationals who come into the country to specially visit Gulmarg.

•    Lakshwadeep Islands: considered as a heaven for scuba diving and snorkeling lovers, the numerous islands of Lakshwadeep are full of rare aquatic species and numerous coral treasures which are explored by several adventure sports lovers from within and outside the country.

•    Jaisalmer: the City of Jaisalmer located in the desert state of Rajasthan; is a perfect location for exclusive Camel Safaris in the country. Camel safaris can also be booked by Jaisalmer Hotels. The picturesque and beautiful sand filled landscapes can best be viewed via a trip of camel safari, which enables the adventure sports lovers or for that matter any tourist to explore the diverse cultural and historical offerings of the city of Jaisalmer.

•    Rishikesh: often counted amongst the holiest cities of the country; Rishikesh; of late has developed into one of the most frequented and much vaunted location for water rafting in the country. White water rafting can be booked via Rishikesh Hotels The adventure sports lovers from across the globe descend in the city to experience some of the most fascinating stretches of the white water of river Ganges. The intensity of the waves challenges and tests the limits of sports lovers providing a one of a kind experience.

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Macrobiotic Diet

Macrobiotic Diet

Firstly we need to look at what is the Macrobiotic Diet.  Both the diet and philosophy were developed by a Japanese health educator George Ohsawa who firmly believed that simplicity was the key to well being and optimal health. Due to the strenuous restrictions the macrobiotic diet was revised in 1978 by Michio Kushi.  The word macrobiotic originated from Greek roots and means long life.

The macrobiotic diet consists of low fats and high fiber and is predominantly vegetarian diet consisting of whole grains and vegetables. The diet comprises in a rich source of phytoestrogens which is obtained from the soy products. People that suffer from chronic diseases as well as cancer have been recommended to follow diets such as macrobiotics due to the low fat and high fiber contents of the diet.

The main contents of a macrobiotic diet consists of 50 to 60% whole grains per meal such as whole wheat, barley, brown rice, millet, corn and buckwheat as well as other whole grains. Foods that can be eaten occasionally are pasta, bread, rolled oats and products that contain flour. One can also have 1 or 2 cups of soup a day which is made from fermented soybean.

The daily intake of vegetables per day make up 25 to 30% of your daily food intake and a third of the vegetables should be eaten raw. However one can steam, boil or bake the vegetables. Then 10% of your daily food intake should include your bean products such as tofu or natto. You are allowed to eat small amounts of fish which can be consumed 2 or 3 times per week and the fish can be eaten with ginger, wasabi or mustard which helps with detoxification. One should avoid eating dairy products as well as meat and poultry.

One can eat fruit several times a week such as apples, peaches, pears, apricots, grapes melons berries, pineapple, mango and papaya as well as most other fruits that are available. Seeds and nuts can be eaten in moderation and desserts are allowed two to 3 times a week and may consist of dried fruits or baked apples and should you need a sweetener then you are allowed to use malt, rice syrup and barley malt. Sweeteners such as honey, chocolate and carob should be avoided.

You need to use unrefined vegetable cooking oil and the best to use is sesame oil, corn oil and mustard seed oil. You can also use condiments such as grated ginger root, fermented pickles, brown rice vinegar, roasted seaweed and natural sea salt. The use of soybean products must be included into the diet daily.

The macrobiotics diet plan is personal and factors such as season, gender, age, climate and activity as well as health needs all need to be taken into consideration. However there are nutritionists that have stated that this diet is far too restrictive and that it also lacks in nutrients such as protein, iron, magnesium, calcium and Vitamin B12 and maintain that a lack of protein could result in low energy levels.

However soy products contain a high protein level and the macrobiotic diet contains sufficient vitamins and minerals which can be obtained from most of the foods such as your fruit and vegetables. The only vitamin lacking is B12 which can only be obtained from red meat.

Top 5 Best Hotels in New Delhi

Top 5 Best New Delhi Hotels

New Delhi; the capital city of India, is one of the leading metros of the country. The city is a perfect blend of cosmopolitan culture mixed with historical importance. The city being the capital of the country; is an important center for business, cultural as well as political activities. Delhi airport is one of the busiest airports of the country with thousands of traveler’s transversing different parts of the country from the city and staying in hotels near the Delhi Airport and Delhi Guest Houses. The city has numerous locations and places which are of historical importance in addition to religious places of worship. Most of the historical monuments or locations which are present in the city are a perfect example of Mughal and British style of architecture. Over the years a lot of development has been initiated within the city to make it amongst the best cities of the world.

The city also occupies a significant position in terms of Business and commerce with major companies and establishments having their base in the city. There is a lot of floating population which comes into the city for business as well as leisure purposes. The city also has some of the finest New Delhi hotels which cater to different set of travelers who come into the city. Quite similar to the unique requirements of the travelers; the city hotels provide exceptional hospitality and service standards and these hotels are ranked amongst the best hotels not only in the country but also in the entire region. Travelers rate hotels according to the level of service that they provide. Every guest or traveler has his or her own benchmarks with which they rate a hotel. For some; functionality; ease of location; comfort etc. are of prime importance. For others; things like ease of booking for various services; staff interaction experience; tangibles etc. are more important in deciding upon the services quality of a hotel. This brings in mind the questions of which are the top hotels of the city of Delhi. Based on the overall experience; keeping in mind the various facets; the top 5 hotels in Delhi are ranked below along with some of their USP’s.

•    The Oberoi; New Delhi:

The Oberoi hotel in the national capital of New Delhi is one of the leading and finest hotels of the country. It is considered an epitome of luxury with one of the finest standards of service and quality being maintained in the hotel. The hotels has been credited with setting the benchmarks and raising the bar in every aspect of hotel service and the idea has been to ensure that exceptional and wow experience for the guests. Most of the critics have not been able to point out any shortcomings in the entire service delivery cycle of the hotel which has reinvented itself over the years to keep pace with the requirements and needs of the travelers and guests who frequent the hotel. Run and operated by the Oberoi Hotels and Resorts Group which operates one of the biggest hotel chains of the country is considered a world leader when it comes to hospitality business. Every aspect of the hotel; whether it is room d├ęcor; booking services; restaurants within the hotel and other aspects etc. have been carefully designed and drafted to ensure maximum guest comfort and satisfaction. Booking in an Oberoi hotel in Delhi is a very easy; hassle free and unique experience. Having numerous hotels in other important cities of the country; the guests have the option of booking through one of the hotels in other cities. There is a dedicated sales and services team which interacts almost on a daily basis with their clients regularly and in some cases almost on a daily basis. Then there is an option of ensuring booking through the hotels website. The online booking portal ensures that the guests can make booking for their desired rooms over the internet in an easy to complete process. The online portal also provides option of rescheduling, cancelling the booking as well in case of change in travel plans etc.
Considering the overall package which The Oberoi; New Delhi provides; it is amongst the bet hotels of the country; which would rake in 4 points on a scale of 1 to 5 on the basis of critiques parameters. The convenience of availing numerous services of the hotel makes it a preferred destination for travelers from across the globe. This is not to be confused with Oberoi Maidens Hotel in Old Delhi.

•    The Imperial; New Delhi:

Counted amongst the best and finest hotels of the continent; The Imperial hotel in Delhi offers a unique experience for its guest which is a combination of traditional mixed with the most modern facilities. The hotel is famous for its building which has distinct traces of colonial style architecture and is termed as a legend when it comes to landmark buildings within the city. Over the years the hotel has provided exceptional hospitality experience when it comes to dinning; relaxation and residency. Exceptional eye for detail has been used in defining the service standards for each and every aspect of the hotel. The hotel is located at a very convenient location in the city which is very close to the business and central district of the city. There is an ease of doing business with the hotel in all respects. Whether it is booking a hotel room or getting a table reserved in one of the restaurants of the hotel. The online room reservation system of the hotel is exemplary and hassle free and guests can virtually pick and choose the rooms which they want to stay in with the facility of making payments online available as well.
The Imperial scores an impressive 4 on a scale of 1 to 5 considering the experience and other facets of guest interaction that it provides.

•    Taj Palace Hotel; New Delhi:

A marvel from the Taj Group of Hotels which operates numerous hotels across the country as well as the globe; the Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi; is one of the finest hotels of the group and is one of the leading hotels of the country. Located quite close to the diplomatic district of the city; the Taj Palace, New Delhi has been home to some of the top leaders and important dignitaries who visit the country. The hotel houses close to 400 plus rooms along with 40 suites and a couple of Presidential Suites. The Taj Palace is a symbol of excellence and quality; virtues which are quite synonymous with the groups ideologies. Quality of service and exceptional and hospitable standards is something that denotes the Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi. The hotel is equipped with all latest and modern facilities and there is virtually everything for everyone whether it is organizing conferences in the convention centre or organizing a launch party in one of the restaurants or discs.
Taj Palace, New Delhi scores a whopping 4 on a scale of 1 to 5 and is the best in the best class of hotels which are present in the city.

•    Aman; New Delhi:

Aman; New Delhi is a hotel which has fast caught the fancy of travelers who come into the city. Travelers or guests who have once used or experienced the different facets of the hotel do not wish to use any other hotel in the city except for the Aman. Fast catching up on the list of top 5 hotels in New Delhi; Aman is well renowned for its staff which is exceptionally trained into providing comfortable and hospitable stay for its guests; its rooms which are done up in such a grand style that it gives a feeling of staying in a palace and the guest is treated in truly maharaja style. The hotels suites; which have enormous size are the most comfortable suites to stay in amongst all the hotels in the city. The central location of the city makes it easier to access from different locations within the city. The system of booking rooms in the hotel is very easy and hassle free. The only downside of the hotel according to few of the guests is that the standard of the restaurants food menu is not in line with the other exceptionally designed and maintained facets of the hotel.
Overall; the hotel scores a good 3.5 on a scale of 1 to 5 in terms of overall package for the guests.

•    Le Meridian, New Delhi:

A hotel which is a symbol of excellence personified; the Le Meridian Hotel, New Delhi which is located in the heart of the central district of the city is renowned for its service standards and often the experience has been termed as mesmerizing by the guests who have used the hotel. The hotel is famous for its luxurious, spacious and well made rooms which have the best and most modern gadgets installed in them. It is a hotel which is termed as perfect whether it is business or a leisure occasion. The only negatives of the hotel are that guests consider it to be very highly priced for the services that it provides in comparison with other hotels in the city. Other facets and facilities provided in the hotel are much in line with what a guest expects from any top quality hotel in the city.
Overall the Le Meridian, New Delhi scores a decent 3 on a scale of 1 to 5 according to various measuring parameters.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Hair Replacement Surgery

Hair Replacement Surgery

When you are losing hair or facing the problem of hair thinning for whatsoever reason, you seek for hair loss treatment plans that include application of topical creams to rejuvenate hair follicle activities or hormonal therapy. Hair replacement surgery is one of the most effective method among many other choices for hair replacement. If this surgery is not executed properly you may end up with regretting your decision. Therefore, it is important that you must first ascertain that you actually need hair replacement surgery. There could be other long term procedures of overcoming the hair thinning problem that include dieting or massaging the skin to stimulate hair growth. It is usually the desire for   fast solutions that a person seeks hair replacement surgery or simply out of desperation.  It should be kept in mind that the cost and risks associated with hair replacement surgery could be enormous as well.

When you have undergone hair replacement surgery, it does not mean that things are over now. Different people undergo hair replacement surgery for different reasons.  When the incisions are healed in the hair transplant surgery, a surgical touch up procedure is applied to create much more lasting results so that the hair replacement looks natural. Series of mini-grafts and micro/slit grafts are used to blend and fill in the hairline in surgical touch up.

Hair replacement surgery is not recommended for every one because in most cases it is men who are in need of this procedure. There is a disease known as alopecia areata where men and women lose hair; but it is the men who may develop a bald head but the women may have only thinning of their hair. In hair replacement surgery hair from one part are transferred to another.  In this surgery hair is transferred from the fringe of scalp to the center of the scalp.

In earlier days methods of hair replacement surgery, large amounts of hair were cut from the roots in rows and plugged to the scalp without hair. But in today’s technology that is micro based, transplantation of single hair strands of hair including the roots is possible. In mini graft hair replacement surgery every four or so hair strands can also be transferred.

There is wide difference of opinion on what the best hair loss treatment option might be, since there are too many options available these days. There are a lot of lotions, creams, hair oils and specially formulated shampoos besides hundreds of other oral medication options. But as most of us know hair replacement surgery is the ideal option thanks to the technological improvements made during the last few years in this procedure. Hair replacement surgery has emerged as a definitive and most satisfying hair loss treatment for the current century.

Hair replacement surgery is quite simple, safe and most effective method of getting back the lost hair for men and women.  After having this surgery you can definitely avoid using a wig or sitting through multiple sessions of traditional hair weaving or hair pasting. Hair replacement surgery is not an elaborate or complicated process.  It is a minor surgical procedure confined to the skin that is usually performed under local anesthesia.  And the complications are also very few that require less time to vanish than you would normally imagine. 

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Cosmetic Surgery Holidays Abroad - Things you should know about!

Cosmetic Surgery Holidays

A trend of going abroad for medical treatment is gaining momentum day by day in people as they get treatment there at low cost especially in some Asian countries like India, Thailand and Malaysia. Medical treatment is quite cheap in these countries compared to other European countries. The trend of getting Cosmetic Surgery abroad is known as cosmetic surgery holidays.
Nowadays cosmetic surgery holidays have become very common. For the purpose of getting their cosmetic surgery done at cheaper prices, people go to other countries.
There are some advantages as well as disadvantages associated with cosmetic surgery holidays. During cosmetic surgery holiday’s people not only can avail the benefit of low cost cosmetic surgery but can also enjoy their vacations by visiting different locations in that country.
A simple breast augmentation procedure can involve minimum £3000/- to £5000/- in UK, whilst the same will cost 40% less in India, for example.  Laser eye surgery, Weight Loss Surgery and Acne Treatment  are also cheaper abroad.
As a first step in planning for cosmetic surgery holidays, you must consider the regulations of those countries and the accreditations of the surgeons. While talking about cons of availing cheaper price cosmetic surgery during cosmetic surgery holidays in these countries, it should be kept in mind that medical requirements and facilities in these countries may not be good enough and the laws governing surgeries might also not be enough to protect people from different risks associated with such procedures.  Possibility of a surgeon not being qualified enough to perform flawless surgery can also not be ruled out. This situation can lead to more harm than benefit. There are various instances when people went for cosmetic surgery holidays and got cheaper surgery but their breast implants leaked on their way back home as the breast implants were incorrectly placed. This resulted into paying more in their own country for reconstructive surgery.  This can happen anywhere, even in developed countries.

There are two main governing bodies of cosmetic surgeons in the United Kingdom. These bodies make sure that their member surgeons work flawlessly. But still it cannot be guaranteed that all members of these organizations will perform successful surgery at all times. These two governing bodies are BAPRAS (British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons, and BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons).

Today the trend of cosmetic surgery holidays has become a global phenomenon and many people from many countries are flying to locations in a bid to save money where the treatment will be much cheaper. Even surgeons in some countries like India are also teaming up with luxury New Delhi hotels, Goa Hotels, Mumbai Hotels & Bangalore Hotels to offer full cosmetic surgery holidays packages. To make your cosmetic surgery holidays perfect, Delhi tours are also included by some.  This New Delhi Bed and Breakfast and Delhi Guest house are especially recommended in New Delhi, India.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery holidays, you should take some time to know your surgeon or dentist and find someone you feel relaxed and comfortable with.  Some recommend this Delhi Dentitst in India. You have to be completely honest with the dental or cosmetic surgeon about your expectations from the procedure as well as the medical history.

Although tummy tuck surgery is an outpatient procedure, but still it should be taken seriously as a surgery. Therefore, whilst on cosmetic surgery holidays, you should plan it well or take someone with you both to and from your appointment. Some effects are associated with tummy tuck surgery such as pain, numbness and general fatigue that lasts from a few weeks to a few months.  Further, drains are used to help healing and these are removed in one to three weeks after the procedure. So while scheduling cosmetic surgery holidays, all these factors should be considered and weighed properly before finally going in for any such surgery.

If you have private Medical Insurance, see the Cost Cutting Tips for Private Medical Insurance, the following procedures are excluded from their cover, so here is a post which simply lists the exclusions to Health insurance.

* Cosmetic Surgery

* Laser Hair Removal

* Breast Enlargement

* Laser Eye Surgery

* Weight Loss Surgery

* Acne Treatment

List of Influential Xaverians in the World! St. Xavier's School, Delhi.

The following is a list of all the influential Xaverian's in the world. They all belong to St. Xavier's School, New Delhi, India. 

Hearty Congratulations to the St. Xavier's School, Delhi Golden Jubilee Celebrations awardees. Enclosed is the complete list of awardees. 

The following is the list of awardees:

Lifetime Achievement Awards

1. Mr. Ajay Maken 1982
2. Mr. Raghav Bahl 1979
3. Mr. Upmanyu Chatterjee 1976
4. Mr. Alok Kumar Verma 1975
5. Mr. Gopal Subramaniam 1974
6. Dr Arun Sethi 1973
7. Mr. Anirudh C. Uppal 1969
8. Dr Shekhar Aggarwal 1969
9. Mr. Harish Manwani 1969
10. Mr Ashok Alexander 1969
11. Mr. Arun Jaitley 1969
12. Mr. Rakesh Mehta 1968
13. Hon’ble Justice Vikramjit Sen 1967
14. Mr. Dinesh Dhamija 1967
15. Air Marshal Dhiraj Kukreja 1967
16. Lt. Gen. Deepak Raj 1966
17. Dr. Harshvardan Singh 1974
18. Mr. Ramu Damodaran 1972

Xaverian Excellence Awards

1. Mr. Niket Kaushik 1989
2. Mr. Nikhil Mohan 1985
3. Mr Samir Arora 1984
4. Mr. Joby Joseph 1982
5. Mr. Yakub Mathew 1982
6. Mr Sunil Gujral 1981
7. Mr Sameer Gupta 1981
8. Mr. Tarun Vij 1981
9. Mr. Amit Goel 1981
10. Mr. Arvind Mehta 1979
11. Mr. Ajay Kumar 1979
12. Mr. Sudhanshu Mittal 1979
13. Mr. Amit Tandon 1979
14. Mr. Pinaki Mishra 1977
15. Mr. Alexander Kuruvilla 1977
16. Mr. Arun Khurana 1977
17. Dr. Ishwar Puri 1976
18. Mr. Atul Punj 1976
19. Mr. Deepak Dewan 1973
20. Mr. Michael Pinto 1972
21. Major General Philip Campose 1971
22. Mr. Loveleen Singhal 1969
23. Mr. Sunil Malhotra 1969
24. Mr. Anil Sarin 1968
25. Mr. Amitav Banerjee1969
26. Mr. Param Vir 1968
27. Mr. Rohit Aggarwal 1989
28. Mr. Sachin Malhotra 1989

The following is a message  from Yakub Mathew, Doxa Non Resident Chapter President.

As part of the Non Resident Global Doxa Chapter it gives me great pleasure to congratulate, in particular, the Non Resident Indian Members of the Global Doxa Chapter on their being awarded the Xavier’s Lifetime Achievement Awards & the Xavier’s Excellence Awards. 
The NRI Awardees are:
A. Life Time Achievement Awards

1. Dr. Harsha Vardhana Singh, Deputy Director General, World Trade Organisation(WTO), Geneva, Switzerland, - 1974 Batch
2. Ramu Damodaran, Diplomat & Deputy Director, United Nations, New York, USA - 1972 Batch
3. Harish Manwani, Board Member, President, Asia & Africa, Unilever Plc, London, UK - 1969 Batch
4. Dinesh Dhamija, Inspiring Entrepreneur, CEO, Ebookers, London,UK -1967 Batch
B. Excellence Awards
5. Samir Arora, Dynamic Entrepreneur, Chairman & CEO , Glam Media, New York,USA -1984 Batch
6. Yakub Mathew, Banker, HSBC, New York, USA -1982 Batch
7. Sameer Gupta, Banker, Director, Barclays, Jakarta, Indonesia -1981 Batch
8. Dr. Ishwar Puri, Professor and Head of Engineering, Virginia Tech University, Virginia, USA -1976 Batch
9. Michael Pinto, Vice Chairman & Director, M & T Bank, Baltimore, USA -1972 Batch
10. Amitav Banerjee, Diplomat, Director, Commonwealth Secretariat, London,UK -1969 Batch
11. Param Vir, Musician & Composer, London, UK -1968 Batch
Kindly note that the 2010 Global Doxa Meet to celebrate the 50 year Golden Jubilee of St. Xavier's School, Delhi will be held in Manhattan from Friday 17th Sept'10 to Sunday 19th Sep'2010.
The Non Resident Awards will be presented by Fr. T .V. Kunnunkal & Fr. P. T. Augustine ( Rector) on 18th Sept in Manhattan, New York during the grand finale celebration of the School's Golden Jubilee. Awardees should kindly make plans to attend as it is indeed an emotional honor to be recognised by your alma mater. 
All Non Resident Doxians and other Doxians may want to plan for this New York visit well in advance as it is a rare occassion where we will have alumni from all over the world. It will be an opportunity to reconnect with friends you have lost touch with and take a trip down memory lane. What better place to celebrate the grand finale of the Golden Jubilee celebrations than New York City! 
Please do mark your calendars and kindly make it a point to attend.
In order to get connected and stay connected and also enjoy the global events of the Non Resident Global Doxa Chapter you are warmly invited to join the Facebook group "St. Xavier's School, Delhi - Non Resident Global DOXA Chapter"

To see more details and confirm this group invitation, please follow the link below:
Congratulations to all of you who have made to this list! Keep up the good work! 

If you decide to make a difference like the above, why not start by donating some money for making a better world by eradicating Polio and making a Polio Free India.