Sunday, 29 March 2009

Skoda India - How to lose customers the Skoda way!

Read his harrowing tale of a Skoda customer, Harish Kanchan,
on BHP forum.

According to his post, Harish is fighting with Skoda for the last one year now. I quote Harish -

You may be aware their dealer in mumbai, Nummer Eins had replaced spurious parts in my car to the tune of around 4 lakhs. They had even stolen the 3rd injector and the steering rack and substituted them with fakes. They did not spare the battery either. I took the matter up with skoda.

Skoda replaced all the faulty parts in my car with originals. They then tried to pull a fast one on me. They wanted me to give them an undertaking as a precondition for delivering my car with rectified original parts. The undertaking mentioned that these spurious parts were not put by their dealer.

I refused to do so and Skoda asked me to pay for the repairs and take delivery of the car.

Also, the night after the parts were replaced, Skoda official Yogesh Vaidya, tried to smuggle out the spurious parts removed from my car out of jmd showroom after it was shut and i had gone back home. Some one known to me at jmd called me up and informed me. I rushed to jmd to see the parts just about being loaded in a car. Guess whose car? Nummer Eins car. Can u imagine? The fake parts were being taken back to Nummer Eins under instructions of Karthik Ramesh. Car enthusiasts at team bhp - draw your own conclusion.

Also, Nummer Eins, meanwhile tried to hush me down with attractive offers of cash, new car and threats. I chose to fight.

Apparently, this is not new as can be seen by an old Mid Day Report.

I am gob smacked that big car companies such as Skoda (Remember they are Owned by VW) can let such a thing happen. They have a duty towards their customers and are responsible for the customer care. That’s what we think when we buy a VW vehicle!

I cannot comprehend that any car company would keep a customer’s car with them for 1 YEAR after they themselves have messed it up.

The fun starts when1 year down the line the frustrated customer, Harish Khanchan in this case, publishes on a car forum his story. Now since the harrowing tale is exposed on the internet and is getting exposure in front of millions of netizens (remember they are the potential customers and Skoda India is launching a new small car in India), the damage control by the company starts in earnest.

Now this has some lessons on “How to alienate your customers and screw your potential sales” – the Skoda representative goes to the forum and issues the forum owners a legal threat for discussing Skoda India’s customer care! WOW!

A sensible customer care manager would have said at this point, let us undo the wrong done here and compensate our customers. For a huge company like Skoda & VW, who trade in billions of dollars a year, replacing a single car is peanuts. This would not only earn them credibility and brownie points but also reassure potential customers.

On the other hand, Skoda Auto India operations head and board member (sales & marketing) Thomas Kuehl, is planning to launch a small car in India.

After reading BHP forum on the internet, does he really think that Indian Customers are going to buy Skoda’s Small car???



Harish said...

Thanks Abhishek for making people aware.

Wouldn't have believed this whole thing if some one else had told me this a year ago, till I had the misfortune to experience it first hand.

Carry your camera, voice recorders, handy cams and witnesses when you deal with Skoda.


Bill Austin said...

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James said...

Please get in touch with Mr. Sudhir Srinivas from the Skoda after sales department on or 0240 663 1256 to resolve your concerns

Abhishek said...

@ James,

Thank you for your feedback. If you are from Skoda, then Skoda needs to contact its own customer, Harish Kanchan and resolve the issue.

Please contact him directly, I am sure you have his contact details.

Anonymous said...

More skoda woes seem to appear on BHP each day. Some samples that i came across, who knows how many more...

Abhinav said...

Hey Abhishek
If you have prrof of wrong doing on the Skoda dealers part, sue his ass in small claims court. if you think that is a waste of time, contact mid-day, Zee tv, star t.v with proof and let them run with the story.

Anonymous said...

This is really frightening, I was about to book my Skoda Rapid tomorrow and researching of After Sales landed me to this useful blog. Thanks a ton for bringing such an important issue in light... BIG NO to SKODA and VW from now on!!