Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hearing Aids: How to Compare!

How to Compare Hearing Aids
With the so much variety of hearing aids available in the market, it is difficult to choose which one to buy.

When choosing any hearing aid, the deciding factor for most is the price, followed by the cosmetic appearance. Fashion conscious young women in particular go in for small hearing aids, as they are discrete and not so noticeable.

Best person to talk to about the hearing aids is the ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) doctor or an audiologist who will be able to guide you to what is best for your condition.

You might have seen many adverts in the newspapers or flyers that may have been dropped through your front door. The advertiser will claim to be the most effective hearing aid and all the rest are rubbish. They might cloak their fancy words in medical sounding terminology and make you part with thousands of pounds.

Here are some tips to when trying to compare hearing aids:-

• Good research prior to buying a hearing aid is essential. Try to read about the product before you buy one
• Read testimonials about the product use
• Search for testimonials on-line and off line. Use search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and search for the product name and its reviews or testimonials.
• Offline speak to other people who use hearing aids and listen to their views. Their experience may help make you make up your mind.
• Having researched the market, try to speak to your doctor or the hearing aid specialist, at your doctor’s surgery or clinic.

Many of us suffer from hearing loss and want discrete hearing aids and in that case, things are simple, you just have to choose the brand which suits you.

Most of the hearing loss happens in old age, called Presbycusis and at that age not
many are bothered with cosmetic side effects and as such if you live in UK and
are over 60 or on income support, you might be eligible for a free hearing aid. You
need to ask your doctor, if that is the case. For the rest of us, we need to do some
time consuming research!

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Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. said...

The best person to talk about hearing aids with is not a doctor or at least not a gp. It's an audiologist or hearing instrument consultant. I've received so much incorrect hearing aid advice from doctors whom I had to correct that I cannot count the number of people not getting help for their hearing loss

oticon hearing aids newton ma said...

Yes, you're right! An audiologist is the one that people with hearing problems can trust.

William Hummingfield said...

Absolutely correct!!! For years, i have been relying on my private audiologist about my hearing condition and as far as i am concerned they are definitely the first person to talk to for hearing advices. He thought me of some tips in finding the best HA for me and one of that is the online resources. I've searched for online resources and so far two post has given me the exact detail i always wanted and that's your post and post. I'm trying to combine this to reliable resource and I'm hoping that I'll get the exact expectation i want.