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How to Clean Hearing Aids?

How to Clean Hearing Aids

 If anyone has hearing loss problem, then hearing aids help them in performing their everyday functions normally.

Hearing aid is a small electronic device which is worn in or behind your ear. It amplifies the sound vibrations entering the ear which then makes the sound clear.  It is a great way for hearing more in both quiet and noisy situations.

But with this it is also important to maintain your digital hearing aid and keep them always clean. If you want hearing aids to be in top working form then the important thing is to do regular cleaning of your hearing aids and ear molds.

Tips for Cleaning Hearing Aids

* There should be no wax in and around the ear molds and tubing in order to ensure optimal hearing results. A simple hearing aid kit will help you to maintain your hearing aid and keep all the components in working condition. Here we will tell you how to clean your hearing aids and ear molds:

* The best time to clean your hearing aids is when you remove them in the night. At this time you can wipe them with the help of soft cloth or tissues.

Things required to Clean Hearing Aids

However, the major things that you require to clean hearing aids are

* hearing aid brush,
* wax pick and
* hearing aid tube blower.

You can purchase a wax pick and brush from your audiologist or hearing aid supplier. Sometimes these things are already included when you purchase your hearing aid.

For cleaning your hearing aid firstly you should remove the hearing aid from your ear. Now have a look at the ear mold to check for accumulated wax. If there is wax then remove it immediately with the help of wax pick. If you are not comfortable in clearing the wax by using a wax pick then it is also a good idea to use an old toothbrush. After cleaning the wax from the ear mold, clean the outside area of the hearing aid with a soft cloth. It is necessary to dry the ear mold thoroughly. If you think that there might be some water inside the ear mold then you should immediately blow at the end of the tube and thrown out the water.

Not only does the ear mold require cleaning but the battery part of the hearing aids also requires regular cleaning. Now remove the battery of the hearing aids and clean the component of the battery with the help of a brush. Brush gently while cleaning the battery component. Once all is done the parts of hearing aids can be attached again.

There are some special sprays also available in the market to disinfect the hearing aids but you should use these sprays only after the consultation with your physician. By taking some simple steps you can ensure proper caring of your hearing aids.

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Loreal said...

cleaning small devices is like an headache as it needs to be cleaned with proper care.
Good tips shared about how to clean hearing aids

Naiomi Harper said...

Ever since i felt that my ear is not hearing much anymore i immediately find reliable source for hearing aid details and found it at Now my problem is how to clean it, glad i found your blog. It has given me helpful tips and suggestion on how to clean them and i thank you for making these post.

Gina said...

I soak my son's ear molds in denture cleaner to remove clogged earwax. 80cc lukewarm water and half a tablet of polident in a small cup, soak for 30 minutes, rinse (check if water flows freely from the tubing) wipe with towel and store in dessicant.
Removes stains, odor and sanitizes.
Hope this helps