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Single Trip Travel Insurance: What is it? & Who should buy it!

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Many of us like to select single trip travel insurance when they plan to go on holiday. Single trip insurance is a type of policy that covers a particular break for a set period of time. Here you will get to know the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of insurance, how much money you can save and how to get a cheap single trip travel insurance.

Who should buy Single Trip Travel Insurance?

This is a kind of insurance that provides you travel insurance protection for a single trip or holiday. In case, you are going to New Delhi, you can stay at the Top 5 New Delhi Hotels. India Travel can be a doddle, if you have the right person arranging your New Delhi Tours, Jaipur tours or tours to Taj Mahal. You can get this insurance for an individual, couple, family or also a group of people against their travel arrangements, possessions and problem with their health. The price of this policy differs depending on your destination, date of travel and the total number of people that you want to insure within this policy. Single trip travel insurance also covers the type of holiday you are going to enjoy. For example if someone goes on adventure destinations in India for water skiing or snowboarding then they need some specialist or additional features in the policy in order to get the protection they need. Many go for camel safari and book Jaisalmer hotels and others goto see the Taj Mahal.

The kind of single trip insurance policy that should be purchased also depends upon the age and medical history of the individual. For example if there are any pensioners or seniors with some pre existing medical conditions then it is necessary to look for specialist options in the policy because these conditions may not be covered by the regular single trip policy.

If you take a policy on a per trip basis then it is the most cost effective way to get the insurance. For example if you plan only one holiday a year, it is cheaper to get this policy. There is also facility of solely paying for the cover you need for the time that you need it. Some of the multi trip policies set a limit on the number of holidays that can be insured for a single holiday at a time. Thus for those who take longer breaks, they may find it easier to plan a single trip option.

Disadvantages of a Single Trip travel Insurance

However the disadvantages of single trip insurance is that it may not suit everyone. There are many people that take multiple holidays every year and thus they prefer an alternative solution like annual multi-trip policies. They find multi trip policies cheaper than single trip travel insurance as they plan to go on multiple holidays.It makes sense for them to buy  a multi-trip travel insurance.

Shop Around and Compare Costs

The best way to find the cheapest single trip travel insurance is to shop around and then compare costs. It is the easiest and quickest way to get the cheapest quote for single trip travel insurance. You can also do this easily online by using insurance comparison sites. These comparison sites have different policies and their costs differ as they get commisions from different companies, which they may pass onto you. Those who are looking for cheap single trip policy can find this helpful in saving some hard earned money.

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