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Plastic Surgery Finance Options

Plastic Surgery and Credit Cards - Finance Options

There is a great difference in financing a car or a home and plastic surgery. Financing plastic surgery constitutes an unsecured loan where bank does not have any collateral to possess in the event of default in payment. Credit cards are also finance options for plastic surgery. That’s why banks are careful in giving loans against plastic surgery. Before giving plastic surgery loan they consider your credit history, such as late payment, defaults in payments, your bill payment history and the tenure you have had credit accounts etc.

Before undertaking plastic surgery it is important that you should consider all costs.  For example the surgeon’s fee during the year 2006 averaged around $175 for microdermabrasion and $4,800 for a face lift. Besides surgeon’s fee you need to pay the operating room cost, anesthesia, expenses of operation room facilities and device fee if surgery involves some sorts of implants.

There are some companies that offer finance options for plastic surgery based on your credit score alone.  If your credit score ranges from 365 to 870, you will be able to get finance easily.  Loans ranging from $2000 to $20000 are offered by many surgery financing companies for plastic surgery depending on your credit history. If you are asking for smaller loan you will most likely get it easily.
In order to allow patients to finance health care costs, credit card is issued by a company named CareCredit. This includes the cost of elective plastic surgery. The company has a network of more than 100,000 doctors in the US.

When you have credit card, you can work out a payment plan in consultation with your doctor. Credit card of CareCredit is only for the purpose of payment of medical services and possibly you may be able to get finance without interest in many cases.

If you are disciplined in setting aside some money regularly, you can finance the plastic surgery yourself. But since all are not so patient or disciplined in saving, they have to seek plastic surgery finance options and credit cards are designed for this purpose.

Various guaranteed plastic surgery financing options are offered by health care credit companies. There is Capital One Healthcare Finance that provides flexible finance in the range of $1500 to $25000 at low interest rates for plastic surgery through Capital One plan.

The other finance option for plastic surgery includes “Surgery Financing” where you can get a loan from $1000 to $25000 as fixed term loans with an interest ranging from 4.9% to 17.9%. There are many Credit Card companies that offer various plastic surgery loans to people needing to finance their procedure.  Although this is a less ideal choice but Credit Card finance option is being utilized quite extensively.  It may be kept in mind while utilizing the options of credit cards for financing the plastic surgery that the payment plans under this system is quite difficult and credit card companies are not very friendly lending companies.  When in need and have no other finance option, credit card finance is also an option to consider. Besides credit card companies, there are many online lending companies that gladly lend a few thousand dollars to anyone seeking finance options for undergoing a plastic surgery.

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